Friday, July 13, 2012

Vice Presidential Debates: Joe Biden Versus Condoleezza Rice?

Right now, the political world is all abuzz with rumors that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is somewhere near the top of Mitt Romney’s potential vice presidential running mate list.

Some cynical people might say that’s just because she’s black. And a woman. Simply a move to counter President Obama’s supposed edge as a minority.

And those cynical people might be partially right. But even if they are, that’s not to say that Condoleezza Rice would be a bad pick.

The woman positively radiates intelligence, class and leadership skills. And, as she showed in an interview with Katie Couric, she can hold her own in a debate. Couric, for all of her many faults, isn’t a stupid woman by nature, and she’s a skilled presenter with the added benefits any interviewer has over an interviewee.

Yet Rice still mopped the floor with her. Better yet, the former Secretary of State somehow managed to do it in a way that was never deliberately or blatantly disrespectful. Rice never lost her cool; she only calmly, articulately and repeatedly pointed out the flaws in her opponent’s logic.

Condoleezza Rice may or may not end up being Mitt Romney’s running mate. But considering all of her assets, it’s still worthwhile to imagine her standing up against current Vice President Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate.

If Rice can take someone like Couric head-on and emerge the clear and victorious winner, it’s hard to imagine her not running circles around the gaffe-prone, buffoon-like Joe Biden…

And it’s just as difficult not to get a good laugh at the thought.

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