Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Few Remarks on the American Education System

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I know a lot of teachers. In fact, two of my closest and dearest friends are teachers, one in special education and one a substitute.

And yet I still have to take issue with the American education system. Not against my friends and not against their colleagues who actually work hard to help students grow as intellectuals and as people… but against the overwhelming hordes of incompetent, uncaring, lecherously insecure, tenure abusers or worn-out educators who merely work for a paycheck and nothing else.

That list includes Shayla Smith, a fifth grade math teacher who helped her students cheat because, according to her, they were “dumb as hell.”

Now here’s the thing: She might not be wrong and they might actually be exactly what she accused them as due to prolonged exposure to an altogether subpar and downright detrimental education system.

But that doesn’t mean Smith was right in offering them further assistance down the cushy road towards mindless stupidity.

If more teachers would start doing the jobs they’re paid for – which involves recognizing educational needs and seeking to meet them – then we’d probably have a lot less Code Pink wackos wasting everybody’s time trying to arrest Condoleezza Rice for war crimes… and more people living financially and intellectually free lives filled with personal purpose.

That is what an education is supposed to do: Challenge us to reach our full potential.

Instead, it seems largely content to train us in the unfulfilling art of seeking out the easiest or most short-term solutions while waiting passively to die.

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