Friday, August 10, 2012

Liberals Don’t Do Logic

In the Bible, Romans 1:22 says something along the lines of “Professing themselves to be wise, they became as fools.”

I think that Paul might have been granted vision into the future – specifically the 21st century – when writing that, because those words fit far too many liberals far too perfectly.

Liberals shun logic like it was the plague, playing off of emotions, appearances, personal attacks and flat-out lies to defend their ideals, largely eschewing facts, figures, common sense and the overarching truth.

For instance, there’s a new Florida ad showing a cutout cartoon of Republican U.S. Representative Allen West punching out senior citizens and women and robbing the non-rich of money, smiling and cackling as he does. All the while, a sympathetic female voiceover informs viewers that:

“West has socked it to seniors, voting to end Medicare as we know it. He’s whacked women with his votes for huge cuts in women’s healthcare funding, and he’s mauled middle class families by supporting a budget plan that would have cut taxes on the rich while eliminating our tax breaks for college tuitions and mortgages.”

That might look and sound compelling enough, but the truth is that Allen West voted for fiscal responsibility and property rights. He understand that the U.S. government is spending far more than it can afford, and unfairly demanding that “the rich” pay for its insupportable habits.

But try telling that to the average liberal, and you risk having your head bitten off.

Unfortunately, I was reminded of that intolerance for the truth recently, when I tried asking a family member to show some respect in his comments on my older sister’s Facebook wall. She doesn’t attack him for the hateful, profanity-laced statuses that he puts up, and so I thought it only fair for him to leave her alone when she expressed her own (much gently worded) opinions on her space.

That wasn’t an option though, not in his liberal book. He made it very well known that my sister, myself and anybody who happened to agree with us did not deserve any such consideration or respect.

To summarize his argument: It’s hateful, it’s bigoted, it’s fear-inspired, it’s ignorant to suggest that he might be wrong, or even to ask if we could agree to disagree. His was the only opinion that mattered, his was the only opinion that had any validity, and so his was the only opinion that could be expressed on his wall or anywhere else.

It’s not logical, nor is it healthy. It’s just liberal.

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