Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Level of Hatred Is Disgusting

I’m too disgusted to write today.

It’s actually taking everything in me to type these words in the face of such disgusting, pathetic levels of hatred and denial.

It makes me wonder what excuses the Germans gave themselves leading up to the totalitarian power of the Nazi regime. Or how about Russia’s revolutionaries after Czar Nicholas was overthrown?

All of that party talk about “them” versus “us,” the double speak, the anti-logic, the completely callous disregard for the truth and morality… I have to imagine that it looked something like America today.

Not that I think we’re that far gone just yet. But there are clearly Americans eager to take us there all the same.

… Americans like the LGBT volunteer who went to shoot up the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian organization, in Washington. And Americans like the people who seem so ready to defend what he tried to do. Some of the comments on the CBS News article are downright disheartening and utterly abhorrent in their single-minded devotion to their opinions.

101flyboy posted this:  “Funny how homophobes now think they're victims, or somehow on an equal playing field with the gay community. When the truth is, anti-gays choose to be bigots, and this action is a reaction of the hatred perpetrated by anti-gays. If people WEREN'T ANTI-GAY then this never would have happened. Just another example of how societally destructive homophobia is. Which is why it is considered a personality dysfunction in medical circles.”

And billholahan wrote: “August 16, 2012 The Family Research Council: It was only a matter of time before someone acted on their anger over the Family Research Council. This group is flat out wrong when it comes to gay people and family values. Shunning gay people is not a good family value, but that is what the Council is doing. They are accepting money from anti-gay entities and in turn give money to politicians who continue the nasty work of discriminating against American gay citizens. 

“Violence is not the way for gays and their supporters to achieve their goal of equality. It's sad that a security guard was shot, but at the same time I feel the anger of the shooter.”

If a Christian had tried to kill LGBT lobbyists, I would be appalled. There is no way that I would even try to excuse their actions as 101flyboy, billholahan and too many others are trying to do.

In a free society, people have the right to their beliefs without having to fear bodily harm.

And if we’re really at the stage where our citizens even come close to supporting such violent opposition to such topics, then we’re seriously asking to be history’s next great act of atrocity.

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