Friday, September 14, 2012

Democrats Are Busy Pulling out All of Their Old Ridiculous Tricks to Reelect Obama

With the elections so close, Democrats are busy vilifying Republicans to fire up their own base.

As usual, they’re neither creative nor accurate in the accusations they’re throwing about.

Take teamster President James Hoffa, who is claiming that “The Republicans are rewriting history.” According to him, they’re ignoring what happened under George W. Bush. “There was no recession. There were no wars. Nothing ever happened during those eight years.”

He went even further in comparing Republicans to Cambodian leader Pol Pot, an egotistical dictator who edited his country’s history books to showcase himself in a more favorable light.

But that’s all rather laughable considering how the Democrats are campaigning as if their candidate hasn’t been in office – complete with scandals, failures, additional or extended military endeavors and utterly messed up diplomatic relationships – for the last four years… not to mention that liberals have been in charge of this nation’s education system for decades.

Then there’s the African-American pastor up in Indiana, who is using the front yard of his church “to let people know there’s been a price paid for the privilege of voting.” To do this, he enlarged a historical picture of white folks all dressed up for the hanging of two black teenagers.

Above the picture, it reads: VOTE!!! Below it reads: Is this a reason to vote?

Rev. Joy Thornton says the sign doesn’t endorse one candidate or the other. But even forgetting that such references are typical fodder for the Democrat party, Thornton then added his fear that black voters plan to sit this election out because President Obama now supports gay marriage.

In other words, he wants to make sure African-Americans hit the polls to vote Democrat. It’s extremely obvious, regardless of whether the Reverend wants to be honest or not.

It also has to be pointed out that it’s Democrats who want blacks – and everybody else, for that matter – dependent and obedient to their party. Not Republicans. Likewise, it’s Democrats who are willing to psychologically lynch any black who doesn’t toe their line, calling them Uncle Toms, House N*gg*rs and the like.

But perhaps the most amusing Democrat ad is the one paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research Super PAC, which features Samuel L. Jackson swearing.

“Wake the f*ck up. Vote for Obama!” The notoriously foulmouthed Jackson tells viewers.

An ear-catching tactic, perhaps, but one completely lacking in substance, begging the question: Why don’t Democrats just run on their own record?

Oh wait. They can’t!

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