Monday, September 24, 2012

Pansy-Pacifist Obama Accuses Romney of Warmongering

As the presidential elections continue on, President Obama is taking (yet another) farfetched tact to try shifting focus away from the abysmal economy he’s been in charge of these past several years.

This time, he’s accusing Mitt Romney of warmongering… which is kind-of funny considering how much room there is to move between that kind of belligerent mentality and Obama’s bowing, scraping, apologizing form of pansy pacifism.

Yet in his typical fashion, the President ignored truth and reality on Sunday in a “60 Minutes” interview, taunting his Republican challenger to man up and admit that he wants another war.

But there’s a difference between wanting a war and responding appropriately to provocations of war made by foreign powers. A major difference, in fact.

When our embassies are attacked and our diplomatic personnel murdered overseas, those are good reasons to become hawkish. Similarly, when such aggression isn’t completely condemned by the powers that rule over those lands, it’s time to do something other than apologize profusely, which Obama has done and is still doing.

Such pansy performances just encourage our enemies and ill-wishers to kick us a few more times while we’re down… or worse.

Certainly, Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi sees our current diplomatic policy as an opportunity to further his own Islamic agenda. As Fox News reported yesterday:

Morsi criticized U.S. dealings with the Arab world, saying it is not possible to judge Egyptian behavior and decision-making by America cultural standards. He said Washington earned ill will in the region in the past by backing dictators and taking ‘a very clear’ biased approach against the Palestinians and for Israel.”

In other words, we got what we deserved and Morsi ain’t apologizing.

Then again, why should he when Obama is apologizing enough for everybody?

Everybody, that is, except for Israel. When it comes to that Jewish state and its concerns –particularly regarding Iran and its very real, very scary nuclear threat – the President is content “to block out any noise that’s out there.”

Apparently Mohammed Morsi isn’t the only one to have Islamic leanings... The difference is, Morsi's clearly holding the whip.

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