Thursday, September 20, 2012

What the United States of Obama Would Really Look Like

If you go to, you can find a “screen print designed by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson of Studio MPLS. Limited edition (250 units), hand-numbered, 24” x 36” and made in the USA” for $35.

The featured picture of said item shows a white background with an imitation American flag crudely painted in the center. The depiction is comprised of five red lines that look finger-painted and, where the stars in their dark blue background would usually be, a fading blue Obama O symbol.

Far be it from me to say that comes across as egotistical, dictatorial and even anti-American. But since President Obama’s reelection campaign team brought it up, it seems fair game to discuss what the United States of Obama would look like should it come to pass (more than it already has)…

The United States of Obama would be ruled by a cheesy amateur and celebrity wannabe, who prefers to pal around with Hollywood elites and even devotees so desperately attached to him that they’ll dress up in lame pirate costumes for photo ops. Meanwhile, the “little people” (i.e. the hardworking middle class and business owners that don’t have the necessary political connections) would be stuck with $1.8 trillion per year in taxes from Obamacare and other federal regulations… 20 times the estimate originally given.

That’s according to the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute. Meanwhile, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office now estimates that nearly six million – not the four million originally projected – will be hit with fiscal penalties (i.e. taxes) when Obamacare completely sets in.

The United States of Obama would be supervised by lackeys who are more intent on getting their jollies off with Columbian prostitutes than thinking about national security. And it would devote billions of dollars to insupportable pet projects like the fight against climate change, despite continuing evidence that the world really isn’t going to melt away anytime soon.

And who knows? Considering Obama’s constant pandering to Muslims everywhere, The United States of Obama might even jail Christians for exercising their right to freedom of speech. That just happened in Egypt when Coptic Christian Bishoy Kamel allegedly posted anti-Islamic and anti-government cartoons on Facebook, and Obama already seems perfectly willing to at least bring such people in for questioning…

In other words, the United States of Obama would be an egotistically directed, anti-American dictatorship.

Far be it from me to say such things all by myself, but facts are facts. And those facts aren't pointing anywhere else.

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