Tuesday, October 16, 2012

America Has to Face the Possibility of Race Riots if Obama Loses His Re-election Bid

Much like pathetic, immature, sore-loser sports fans (We won’t name any specific ones here, though a few team names will probably instantly pop into your head.), there’s a faction of Obama supporters who are already declaring their intentions to riot should their candidate lose in the upcoming elections.

And sadly, with the elections less than a month away, it’s important to consider that their threats might be serious.

Take the Black Panther’s – who were incidentally never prosecuted – open intimidation of voters in Philadelphia in 2008. Then remember the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting, where random whites suffered repeatedly at the hands of liberal-leaning blacks… the kind of blacks who believe that whites are to blame for all of their troubles.

Really, of course, they’re partially right, if by “whites” they mean light-skinned liberals who treat their darker skinned compatriots as children meant to be coddled and directed, instead of as equals deserving respect and accountability. Liberal blacks, however, are just as guilty, since they were weak enough to let manipulative, condescending liberal whites convince them that they are children.

Clearly, there’s plenty of blame to throw around.

But blame isn’t going to matter much to the ensuing victims if Obama does lose and his least intellectually-developed followers do riot. Blame doesn’t fix smashed in storefronts or mend broken bodies or restore innocence.

So while I’m not predicting anything whatsoever, it doesn’t hurt to be careful as November approaches. Be on your guard and understand that the America that has been fostered by the likes of liberal politicians and educators and philosophers and all-around demagogues is not a safe place.

And it won’t be a safe place again until we start holding everyone accountable based on their actions instead of their race.

In other words, riots or not, Obama needs to go.

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