Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Barack Obama Isn’t Going to Tell You the Truth. But Thanks to Joe Biden and Some Generally Obvious Facts, the Truth Is out There Anyway

Conservative news source The Daily Caller has unearthed a video that might seem shocking to the purposely uninformed, but not to anyone who’s kept their eyes open in the last four years.

In the video, shot back in 2007, then Senator Obama is addressing a largely African American crowd that’s cheering him on while he accuses the government of treating blacks as second class citizens and whites in general of exploiting them to get filthy rich.

Incidentally, white liberals such as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow don’t care that their race is being maligned to such a dangerous degree. She and her cronies are all too happy to shrug it off, albeit with really racist commentary that they’re probably too stupid to understand are racist.

“This is supposed to make you believe that in this tape from before he was President, Barack Obama is revealing his secret plan to be way more black than he seems to you now,” Maddow opined. “This is how he snuck into the White House, right? People didn’t know he was this black and if they would have known he was this black, they never would have elected [him]. That’s the idea here, right?”

“Way more black?” Really, Rachel? Really?

And they say that conservatives are the racist ones?

Of course, it’s that kind of no-minded mentality that elected a dictator wannabe in the first place, not to mention an absolute idiot of a vice president, who just admitted that “the middle class” has “been buried in the last four years.”

Thanks Joe Biden. At least somebody’s occasionally truthful in the White House these days.

Because Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm… mmm… mmm) certainly isn’t going to go around admitting that U.S. births are down for a fourth year in a row, probably because people can’t afford additional financial responsibilities in the middle of an ongoing recession. Nor is Obama going to take the blame for his pathetic policies regarding our borders, which has resulted in the shootings of two more U.S. border agents, one of whom died.

And he’s really not going to own up to how his policies have decimated Democrat’s voting enthusiasm.

The UK’s Guardian, however, didn’t get the mainstream media memo to keep that kind of thing quiet, judging by its published survey “of the most crucial swing states” which “found that new voter registrations recorded between January and August this year are markedly down compared with the same period in 2008. The drop is particularly pronounced in several states for the Democrats – a likely indication that Barack Obama’s re-election team has been unable to match the exception levels of voter excitement generated by his candidacy four years ago.”

On the plus side, that seems to indicate that America doesn’t always need its leaders to be honest in order to get the big picture… the big picture being that Obama in one dreadful President.

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