Tuesday, October 2, 2012

France Handles Debt Crisis by Fully Funding Abortions

These days, I can completely understand why so many liberal Americans think that we’re inferior to Europeans. The way they’re handling their debt crisis is sheer genius, making our paltry printing efforts seem amateur at best.

While we’re playing with the puppies, they’re running with the big dogs, making the tough decisions and seeing them all the way through, back to the strong, intelligent, prosperous Europe that has always been.

Take France, for example, which “unveiled a package of reforms designed to increase access to abortion, including 100 percent reimbursement of medical costs by the state social security system,” according to France 24.

The article goes on to state that: “At present French women are only able to claim back between 70 and 80 percent of the costs, which average between 200 and 450 euros depending on whether the abortion is induced by medication taken at home or carried out by surgical procedure in a clinic.

“The change to full reimbursement was included in the 2013 social security budget unveiled on Monday. In a statement the government said the move was ‘necessary to ensure all women have equal access to abortion.’”

And there you have it, America! That’s the right way to handle a dangerous debt load that threatens to destroy your country: Just spend more money fostering a national mentality of responsibility avoidance!

President Obama certainly understands that. I just don’t understand why so few others in America do.

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