Monday, October 8, 2012

Joe Biden Takes off Six Days to Prepare for the Thursday Vice Presidential Debates

This Thursday, October 11, is going to be a very fun day.

No, scratch that, because I have no idea how the day is going to go.

But Thursday night? Now that’s another story altogether…

The evening of October 11 is when the vice presidential debates will take place between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. And the White House has its guy taking off an entire six days to prep for the encounter.

Six days!

That six days is doubtlessly in part due to the last round of debates that took place last week. You know, the one where Obama was declared a pitiful failure.

Yeah, that one.

But even if the President had shined like the rising sun he likes to think himself as, the VP debates would still be a nail-biting event for the Obama administration. Largely because Joe Biden is about as blond as a guy can get.

(Sorry blonds. No offense meant. That was just the most polite description I could come up with.)

From telling a guy in a wheelchair to “Stand up, Chuck! Let everybody see you.” back during the 2008 elections, to admitting during this latest race that the middle class has been hurt severely over the last four years, Joe Biden has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth with a flair of arrogant airheadedness that is practically unimaginable.

The things that come out of his mouth are often so ridiculous that they’re almost unbelievable… as if some screenwriter or novelist wannabe was trying to write a comedic work and went overboard turning one particular character into a raging buffoon.

It’s that bad.

Or that good, depending on your perspective.

For anybody seeking some entertainment on Thursday night, it’s bound to be a bit of both.

So plan to pop some popcorn, grab a soda and kick back on your sofa for a night that’s bound to give any self-respecting comedian material for the rest of the year.

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