Thursday, October 11, 2012

Liberals Getting More Desperate as Election Day 2012 Nears

Can you spell desperate?

Possibly not if you’re an Obama supporter.

That’s really the only conclusion to come to after reading Reuters’ pathetic attempt at spinning President Obama’s Big Bird campaign strategy… a tactic that is quickly become one giant, uncomfortable goose egg among even some loyal liberal flock members.

Not however, for the 78-year-old school bus driver who told a 12-year-old that his mother should have considered abortion because said mom – and dad – have a Romney-Ryan sign in their yard. But that’s the kind of person – right along with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who doesn’t know that “wrong” and “false” are synonymous – who probably can’t spell desperate.

One has to wonder if Reuters’ staff members can, considering their hopeful speculation:

“The more conspiratorial campaign watchers [i.e. like them] reckon maybe the president’s team must know something Washington does not.

“Perhaps, promising to save Big Bird is a winner among moms. A Pew Research Center survey released this week observed an 18-point swing in Romney’s favor among likely women voters over the course of the last month.

“Maybe, the Obama folks think the only way to bandage the hurt caused by Obama’s weak debate performance is with laughter.

“The winking ad with its knowing use of irony could be a play for young voters, a nudge that says Obama is still the hip politician they knocked on doors for in 2008.

“In a cloudy week where Democrats have formed a search party for silver linings, some hope the Big Bird ad is an attack line that merely hasn’t reached its proper conclusion.”

South Carolina’s Democratic Party Chair Dick Harpootlian, for example, is hoping that the President starts harping on Romney’s supposed enthusiasm (he laughed when mentioning cutting federal funding for PBS) for giving Big Bird the pink slip, pointing out that “There’s nothing funny about firing anybody. Why do you smile when you say you are going to fire somebody?”

But the thing is that Romney never said he was going to fire Big Bird! He simply said that America taxpayers can’t afford to pay for such pet projects … which is the truth, something we’re never going to get out of his political opponent anytime soon, as Pat Smith – who lost her son in the 9/11 embassy attack in Libya – is finding out the hard way.

All we’re going to get from Obama is more notices of real people – not fictitious TV characters – getting  real pink slips. Just ask FedEx employees, who are waiting to hear whether they’re part of the “several thousand” jobs their company has to cut next year due to the poor economy.

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