Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Controversial Conversation That Might Get Me in Trouble Someday

At my place of employment, there are a lot of stupid, unlikable people. A lot of them.

There are people who tell jokes comparing Jews to pizza, with the punchline difference being that pizzas don’t scream when you put them in the oven.

I’m not kidding.

There are people who call their female coworkers bitches in the middle of company meetings.

Again, God-honest truth.

There are people who will shamelessly use the C-word, cancer, to make a quick buck, touting an amazing cure when the reality of what they’re pitching is far less effective.

Shockingly enough, I don’t like a lot of the people I work with. They’re varying shades of juvenile, spineless, opportunistic, egotistical and moronic, not exactly the kind of people I usually enjoy hanging out with.

But there are a few exceptions to the rule, including our receptionist, who I’ll just call Jane. Jane is a middle-aged black woman who somehow manages to take good care of us while still keeping us in line. Not afraid to speak her mind, I’ve heard her speak in favor of personal responsibility, proper behavior, discipline, self respect, financial management… and the list goes on.

Yet Jane voted for Obama on Tuesday. I know that because she made a few comments about that to me, expecting – like so many Democrats and liberals – that because she likes me, I can’t possibly be a Republican. I also know because she was whooping and hollering about Obama’s win back in 2008, and I got to hear a slightly more subdued version of the same on Wednesday.

Now Jane isn’t a stupid person, but some form of foolishness is the only real reason to vote for Obama. So how to understand those two conflicting facts?

National Journal reports that Obama only got 39% of the white vote – a group that represents 72% of registered voters – on Tuesday. But he still won, thanks to Americans of other colors.

That’s a heck of a lot of votes to make up, yet Obama managed it all the same. And he did so because liberals have successfully convinced the majority of blacks that, at least when it comes to politics, race is the most important issue.

The same can be true for women, young people and homosexuals, three more classifications that far too often think only of their own short-term and completely distorted sense of self when it comes to casting their vote.

We obviously have to acknowledge the lies that are permeating this nation and its citizens. And just as obviously, we need to figure out how in the world to combat it.

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