Friday, November 30, 2012

A Round of Applause for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing for Stating the Obvious

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says his city lives in an “environment… of entitlement,” which marks him a clear contender for this week’s Most Obvious Statement award.

But those are just words. And as politicians have shown one too many times, words mean less than the U.S. dollar will after President Obama “saves” us from the fiscal cliff by jacking up taxes, ramping up spending and adding more “stimulus” to the economy.

Furthermore, something tells me that Bing would be on board with such liberal measures, despite his professed belief in making tough decisions to save the city’s future.

First of all, he’s the mayor of Detroit, an automatic strike against him considering the especially corrupt nature of politicians there. And then there’s the added fact that, in the same interview, Bing also described his position as “probably the second most difficult job in this country behind the president.”

If he really thinks that Obama – with his $4 million taxpayer-paid holidays in Hawaii, slapstick solutions to real problems and staunch refusal to take responsibility for anything – has a hard job, then my guess is Bing is going to fail at turning Detroit around.

And with that guess, I suppose I’m in the running for the Most Obvious Statement award as well.

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