Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Unlikely Act of Terror

Sometimes, I am utterly amazed how people can twist the truth. Take the paragraph below:

“A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port. Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities. It is believed that the terrorist attack was a response to the policies enacted by the occupying country’s government. Even stronger policies are anticipated by the local citizens.”

According to CBS Houston, that passage is taken directly out of a lesson plan put together and promoted by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative. And it’s about the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party. An act of terror.

Maybe we should have let Hitler win too.

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