Friday, November 2, 2012

Ask New York City How the Government Is Helping Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Sadly, even though people are suffering the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy still, it’s time to talk politics again. And it’s the left’s fault for that unfortunate fact.

On Wednesday, my older sister posted a picture of a New Jersey beach to her Facebook wall. The devastation Sandy caused was very evident in this snapshot, and there was nothing political about the scene… which is why the first two comments it garnered were purely sympathetic.

Then my aunt in California joined the discussion, essentially writing: How sad! And who’s going to fund its rebuilding? The Koch brothers? Oh that’s right, the government will.

As much as I love my aunt, it’s important to point out how unnecessary, partisan and unfeeling her words were. Yes, let’s use this tragedy to score snarky and rather misguided political points.

Nobody sane is arguing that government doesn’t have its proper role in life. The truth is that those beaches are public property, and therefore the government actually is responsible for their keepsake and should be involved in their cleanup.

As for the businesses and attractions that utilize those oceanfront properties? Well, they should have insurance – the private, personally paid for kind – to rely on. And at the risk of sounding heartless, the truth is that hurricanes are a risk you face when building on the sand.

And while it’s far too early to tell whether my aunt is right to be so confident in government involvement in New Jersey – a state that, incidentally, is turning away outside help that’s non-union – her hopes seem woefully unfounded just a bit to the north.

Only a few hour’s drive away, New York City is in continuing chaos. The ever-helpful NBC was on scene to report that people are actually dumpster diving on the East Side and East Village areas, “looking for whatever food they can take.”

Meanwhile, the government is busy focusing on Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

According to Breitbart, the big government Mayor Michael Bloomberg “has chosen to divert critical food supplies and power generators from desperate residents of Staten Island” to prepare for the race. And the New York Post adds further details about those “two massive” generators and one “backup” unit, which are being used “to juice a media tent” set up for the race.

Now those are private property, but the kind of big government Bloomberg and my aunt seem to support could appropriate them (with proper compensation) since emergency executive orders have been issued.

And yet it’s not… leaving any sane New Yorker and observer to conclude that maybe big government really isn’t the answer.


  1. And who’s going to fund its rebuilding? The Koch brothers? Oh that’s right, the government will.

    That's not even true anyway. The private banking cartel and the "Federal Reserve" that finances the federal government by creating money/debts from nothing is just that, private. So your aunt should consider that it's the private banks that are "too big to fail" but that her precious big government and the paper ponzi behind it is not. All the central banks are already realigning themselves to gold and preparing for a "golden age" while the Greeks meander toward their Golden Dawn. And it's not as if Obama Inc. has changed anything significant because he incorporated the same old banksters, thieves and criminals in his administration. Apparently the Department of Justice was too busy arming drug cartels in Mexico? In any event, if the current trajectories of currency wars, paper ponzi and pyramid $chemes being done away with continue then the "big fat" American government being financed by the central banks will be folded into global government by the central banks and multinational corporations anyway.

    Oh well, blue states.... Real. Dumb.

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  3. Unfortunately, my aunt doesn't consider much when it comes to political realities. I truly do love her and wish the best for her, but like so many liberals today, she's hyper-focused on feelings and not very much at all on facts. Big government very rarely gets it right and while the private sector certainly isn't perfect, it's so far superior to what politicians can do that comparing the two is pretty pointless. It would be like trying to judge a typewriter against a computer. Except in very specific circumstances, the one always falls far short of the other.