Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Congress Debates What to Do With Long Dead Polar Bear Hides

Congress is back in session and it’s hard at work… debating whether or not to allow 41 U.S. hunters to bring home the polar bear carcasses they scored back in 2008, right before a ban – most certainly instituted by Congress – went into effect.

This begs a few questions…

How did it even come up for debate – both to initially institute and now to repeal – when it’s such a small, stupid issue?

Along with that, is the government really that interested in our everyday lives?

And finally, but perhaps most importantly, why in the world are our elected leaders debating the disposal of long-dead polar bear remains at all when we have a country that is falling apart?

We have serious issues that we need to do deal with: Fiscal problems that threaten to crash us into bankruptcy – sparking who knows what kind of chain affects – economic restraints that are choking our businesses day in and day out, and societal policies that have our adults acting like overindulged, nonsensical juveniles, to say nothing about how our juveniles themselves behave.

And that’s to say nothing about the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Benghazi scandal that hasn’t even come close to being resolved.

But instead we’re wasting tax-payer funds on debating proper usage of dead polar bears?

With leaders like those, no wonder people want to secede from the union.

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