Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mentally Disabled Nevada Woman Faces Possibility of Forced Abortion and Sterilization

So much for the abortion issue being about a woman’s choice…

32-year-old Elisa Bauer in Washoe County, Nevada, has the local social services department formally requesting “a status hearing to address the potential health effects” her “pregnancy could have on her and her unborn child, and possibly override the mutual decision made between Elisa and her parents to have her baby,” according to

Their argument rests on the fact that Elisa has serious mental and physical disabilities likely due to fetal alcohol syndrome, and therefore has about a six-year-old’s mental and social abilities.

LifeNews explains:

“Since turning 18 in 1998, she has continued to remain under court-approved guardianship of her parents, who were given legal authority to make final decisions regarding her health and welfare, even as she lived in a group home.

“While Elisa has maintained that she wants to carry out her pregnancy, she knows she will be unable to care for the child. The Bauers support her decision, are following all the prenatal protocol for high-risk pregnancies, and have already lined up six qualified couples who are eager to adopt Elisa’s child once he or she is born.”

Yet the possibilities of not only a forced abortion but also forced sterilization remain on a judge’s bench.

Why? Especially when so many unfit mothers are allowed to procreate time after time after time with every intention of keeping their children in order to garner further welfare paychecks and the like?

I’m not really sure there is a good explanation. But what I am sure about is that this has nothing to do with anything close to choice.

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