Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Lopsided Love Affair with Millionaires

Right now, there’s a Facebook meme making its rounds, titled “An Amusing Irony.”

Featuring six pictures with six snapshots set up in two rows of three, it first shows some basketball star in the process of making a slam dunk. And across the top of the photo, it reads: “We love millionaires who play with balls.”

Next is a picture of George Clooney, complete with the caption: “We love millionaires who play pretend in movies.” Then a musician who I’m sure I should recognize but don’t: “We love millionaires who play guitar, sing or dance.”

David Letterman holds the first space in the second row. His block notes: “We love millionaires who talk on late night TV.” And Obama, who comes next, shows that “We love millionaires who control our lives in DC.”

And then there’s a picture of Mitt Romney, with the caption: “We HATE millionaires who provide us with jobs.”

After reading all of that over, I can only conclude that “We” are incredibly stupid people.

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