Friday, November 9, 2012

The Sickening Truth: Conservatives Lost This Election Intentionally

This blog post is going to sound angry. It’s going to sound mean. And it’s going to sound accusatory.

But the truth is that I’m not angry as I write this. And I’m not trying to be mean. Though accusations deserve to be made and blame needs to be accepted.

Yes, I’m talking about the elections again. But no, I’m not referring to those millions of government-dependent, self-focused, short-sighted nation-destroyers who voted to re-elect President Obama.

Again, I’m not mad. Really. None of that is meant to be hurtful. It’s just the truth, as is the following…

It’s come to my attention that Obama didn’t win because he had so much support, though he certainly had more than he should have. Obama won because of another group of people altogether: Conservatives who believe in hard work and principles and morality and liberty and justice for all… and who sat these elections out to send the Republican establishment a message.

I get the desire to send a message. I understand wanting to tell Republican leadership to stop thinking themselves the experts on elections, appealing to the populace and proper relations with the opposition, when clearly they’re not. If they were, we wouldn’t have gotten Obama in the first place and we certainly wouldn’t have gotten him a second time around.

John McCain – their supposedly appropriate pick last time – would have won in 2008 to bipartisan support big enough to see him re-elected in 2012.

But wanting and needing are two different things.

I WANT to tell my boss that he has the moral equivalence of a cockroach and even less of a spine. I WANT to tell many of my co-workers that they’re really rather pathetic creatures desperately trying to make their lives meaningful in all the wrong ways (including by religiously watching reality TV shows like Jersey Shore).

And all of that would be perfectly true. But it wouldn’t be necessary and it wouldn’t be constructive. In fact, it would probably have some seriously detrimental effects on my career, my income flow and my opportunities going forward, while making nary a dent in any of the people mentioned above.

Are you seeing the comparison yet?

A few million conservatives sat out these elections because they were annoyed with the GOP. They don’t like being treated like children who can’t make decisions themselves; they want to pick their own candidate because they know the principles and policies that this nation needs in order to stand strong on a national and international scale.

All true. But these conservatives chose an absolutely immature way of standing up for their beliefs. Now was not the time to tell their bosses to get a clue. Now was the time to suck it up and get the job at hand done.

There’s a time to stand up for yourself and a time to shut up and go with the flow.

Voting for Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections? That was an obvious case for the latter.

These conservatives chose the wrong path. Their actions were inexcusably foolish. And it’s only left to see how much the country has to suffer because of their unfortunate decision.

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