Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Isn’t Progress. This Is Regression.


That’s what we all want, right?

Progress in gender equality. Progress in racial equality. Progress in job opportunities.

So why in the world are we moving backwards then?

Take gender equality, for starters. Why do we have millions and millions of women suffering from eating disorders in order to make themselves sexually appealing instead of physically and intellectually mature? (Regardless of the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders’ claim that 24 million “people” in the U.S. alone suffer from an eating disorder, we all know very well that the vast number of such casualties are women.)

And then there’s the Florida man who cut off his girlfriend’s nose when she refused to have sex with him, telling her “That’s what you deserve b*tch,” after the fact.

Sure, women in this country have the right to vote and apply for lucrative and powerful jobs if they want. But if those external perks are overshadowed by threats of psychological and physical violence, then it seems that gender equality is on the ropes, if not knocked out altogether.

Hopes for racial equality seems just about as dead, though some might say that pendulum has swung drastically since eras gone by. How else is there to explain the words and actions of the New Black Panthers, who are apparently disappointed that Obama hasn’t killed any white people yet? Or that this same group never got prosecuted for multiple counts of voter intimidation? Or that every disagreement with our black President’s policies is decried as racist?

Now on to jobs, where businesses are cutting employee’s hours, opportunities and even full-out positions in order to stay profitable in the face of the rising regulations and taxes associated with Obamacare and other economy-killing efforts. The latest company to announce such cuts is Denny’s, which might seem unimportant to some people but assuredly means a lot to the employees losing out.

In short, when it comes to jobs, people are losing opportunities to make money; they’re not gaining any.

In the face of such negative data, there are really only two logical conclusions to come to. Either we really don’t want progress or we’re just not fighting nearly hard enough for it.

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