Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Election Day Matters, but the Results Don’t so much

So tomorrow is election day, and it might not be melodramatic to say that the fate of our nation rests on the outcome.

Just ask anyone…

According to liberals, if Republican Mitt Romney wins, blacks can expect Jim Crow laws again and women should accept the fact that they’ll be dragged off to men’s caves by their ponytails. And according to conservatives, if Barack Obama wins, we can kiss even more of our freedoms, our economy and our safety goodbye under an egotistical tyrant-wannabe who has already demonstrated all too well his willingness to lie, cheat and play favorites if it gets him what he wants.

But here’s the thing. While actions do have consequences and we are deciding who to give a heck of a lot of power to for the next four years, if not more, there’s somebody who has a lot more power than either president-elect Mitt Romney (insert winking face) or Barack Obama can ever dream of having in this life or any other.

That figure gives power and takes it away, and that someone can work his will in any situation, regardless of what man decides or tries to decide. Ultimately, as Psalm 20:7 says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

Because really, men – and women – of any political stripe are still human beings and therefore fallible, corruptible and sometimes just plain stupid (See Joe Biden.). So why believe that they can fix everything?

What is much more supportable is to believe that God can fix everything and that, even if he doesn’t, he can bring beauty and truth out of any situation if we only let him.

So when I go to vote tomorrow, I do so knowing that God is in charge regardless of whatever comes of my efforts. And really, with that outlook, how can I not win?


  1. I would imagine it as being subject to government by broken rulers/measures being tricked by the Ruler of rulers to do His will. Apparently Obama has already established an information matrix within the pyramid $cheme by which he presides over people and decides who gets assassinated or "passed over." So at some point, fasten your seat belts for a UFO type light show too... as in the end, as our ruling class seems to be being recreated in the image of a false god/creator. Too bad Joseph Smith's Saturn talisman didn't protect him from elements within his own community after they went bankrupt. I wonder what his gods promised him? After all, he was the only political star arising from Masonry that could read those Egyptian scrolls and so on... back in the day. Too bad for him that even that wasn't true either.

  2. Still waiting on our ruling class to build a system which will assassinate them for aiding and creating Al Qaeda/"the base" to fight the Russians or using them in Libya, I guess. Talk about a pyramidal structure of information, a closed source database or a "threat" matrix... a satire: "Hey, it's saying to assassinate ourselves because we're terrists. But aren't we American citizens!!!?" Etc. Romney Inc. will be defense contractors run wild... just saying.