Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All They Want for Christmas Is a Dad

I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas with my family.

We opened up presents and played games and snuggled up and ate way too much. And yes, I was soundly walloped in Uno, Twisted Farkle and Sorry (to which I wasn’t exactly the most gracious loser in the world). But it was still a ton of fun just spending time with all of them, including my younger brother who goes to school several hours away from me and therefore doesn’t get to come home very often.

At the risk of sounding too cheesy, while I got practically everything on my wish list, my family was definitely the best part of the day and I am so grateful that I got to be with them.

But I was and still am very well aware of those who didn’t get such a blessing, and not just because some hell-bent sicko decided to go on a murdering spree. There are also many people out there who never really had that classic family Christmas to begin with, as an article I saw Christmas Eve pointed out.

I can’t find it now, but it basically detailed how many children put “Dad” on their Christmas wish list.

As in, they want a father. As in, they never really had one to begin with because they were the product of one night stands or their parents never married or maybe they divorced early on under less than faultless circumstances.

That’s just sad. For them and for society as a whole.

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