Monday, December 31, 2012

America Looks Bad as 2012 Closes

2012 wasn’t exactly America’s finest year.

In fact, it was a year marked with embarrassing levels of hatred, deceit, corruption, blindness and senselessness.

In my opinion, the re-election of Barack Obama signifies that America, as it was meant to be, is dead. And from where I’m standing, with history as a guide, I’m not entirely confident we can be revived anytime soon.

I was disappointed, of course, when Obama was elected the first time. But I still proudly believed that my country was the greatest in the world and I truly valued my standing as an American citizen.

I can’t claim the same thing this time around. I can’t claim any great confidence in America’s future. But that’s not to say that everything’s lost, largely because America isn’t everything anyway.

It never was.

Neither, for that matter, is China, Brazil, Russia, England or the hodgepodge of crippled European countries devoted to their socialist credos of ignoring facts and figures and budgets. This whole, messed up world is… well… messed up. And, quite contrary to the theory of evolution, we don’t seem to be getting that much smarter as we progress onward through history.

     I know who goes before me
     I know who stands behind
     The God of angel armies
     Is always by my side
     The one who reigns forever
     He is a friend of mine
     The God of angel armies
     Is always by my side

And that’s all that matters as we close 2012 and start a New Year.

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