Friday, December 7, 2012

American Taxpayers Pay Over $115,000 on First Daughter Malia’s 2012 Spring Break

I’m not trying to bash First Daughter Malia Obama with this post. I don’t know enough about the President’s oldest daughter for one thing and, for another, I feel rather bad for her and her younger sister. Growing up can be hard enough with good role models and positive instruction, so I can’t imagine what it’s like with bitter, racist, greedy, dishonest parents like Barack and Michelle.

So my apologies if this post sounds like it’s unduly harsh against a child. If it sounds like it’s taking the President to task for his selfish hypocrisy, however, then good; that’s exactly how it’s intended since it’s exactly the truth.

Back in March 2012, Malia and 12 of her friends got to go down to Mexico for Spring Break. Today, thanks to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, we learn just how much it cost U.S. taxpayers…

Exactly $115,500.87.

Here’s the breakdown:

$23,964.81 for ground transportation
$21,636.14 for lodging
$47,767.34 for airfare
$21,636.14 for “vouchers”
$449.66 for “support charges”

President Obama is constantly talking about “the rich” paying “their fair share” of the government’s huge fiscal deficit. But it’s a fiscal deficit brought on through completely irresponsible spending by politicians like him.

This begs the question why any private sector American – rich or poor – should have to suffer the burden of paying off the debt at all. Shouldn’t that be the government’s responsibility since it’s government employees taking private trips on military jets, sending money to diabolical dictators every year, and funding “the poor” all the way to their weekly strip club visits?

But of course not, because that would make sense. And that's not what America is about anymore.

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