Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Education Results Show Our Children Are Losing Intellectually Too

Yesterday, I wrote about the sad state of American education, whether it comes from dumbed-down schools, incompetent parents or the instant-gratification-touting entertainment media. And I noted how children are becoming more and more violent, resorting to serious crimes for stupid reasons.

Today, I’m going to ignore a number of fun little factoids that point to the increasing inanity of human behavior to simply say “I told you so.”

So forget that there are 176,632 people in England Wales who believe they’re Jedi Knights; that some woman in Canada believes her monkey “should be given the right to choose” where he lives; and that a 22-year-old Danish tennis player is under fire for stuffing her shirt and shorts with towels in a ridiculous Serena Williams impersonation, which is now being decried as racist.

We’re staying close to home today with our own brand of stupid.

It would appear that, while our fourth-graders are supposedly doing better in math and reading than they were four years ago (Possibly because the standards were lowered? Or maybe due to school districts falsifying test results in order to get fame and fortune? Hey. Both have happened before. Repeatedly.), our eighth graders aren’t showing any such improvement.

Globally, we fall far behind Finland and Singapore in both math and reading, while Russia, Japan and Taiwan easily trump us in the former and Hong Kong, Slovenia and South Korea beat us in science. Meanwhile, Education Secretary Arne Duncan predicts: “If we as a nation don’t turn that around, those nations will soon be out-competing us in a knowledge-based, global economy.”

In other words, all of those programs we’ve been spending so much money on over the last few years? They’ve done nothing. And yes, I recognize that statement blames Bush as well. But unlike liberals, I’m honest enough to point out flaws in my party when I see them.

Though, speaking of liberals, education spending in the liberal bastion of Detroit have shown particularly poor progress considering that only 7% of eighth graders meet their reading requirements.

7%. That’s hideous.

What is even more pathetic though is that, in one sense, we actually have fewer children to educate these days. According to the USDA, youth make up a smaller share of the U.S. population today than previously recorded. Probably in part because of our abortion policies.

Yet, even with our lightened loads and increased spending, they’re getting more ignorant.

There’s something obviously wrong with that.

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