Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Logic and Reason Are Failing the Second Amendment, So How about Hollywood Fiction?

I really don’t feel like delving into the topic of gun control right now. But I’m going to anyway, since President Obama and his nitwit Vice President Joe Biden are talking about it.

I could use classic arguments about how guns don’t kill people; people kill people. I could point out examples of violence done to victims with knives, common household items, fists, animals, etc. I could list case after case after case of targeted victims who protected themselves from further harm with legally purchased handguns.

And it all would all be true and valid and logical.

But considering our ever lengthening list of examples of societal incompetence, I’ll try lowering myself to what seems to be the average level of comprehension in America these days, and I’ll put the argument into terms that people do respond to…

Earlier this year, I got addicted to the show Revolution, which airs on NBC on Monday nights. It’s a post-apocalyptic tale set in the not-too-far-off future, where the entire world’s electrical grid has mysteriously failed and the United States of America no longer exists. Instead, the country is ruled by various warlords who exercise totalitarian control, taking what they want when they want it.

In this Hollywood fiction, these governments outlaw guns. Firearms are an absolute no-no for private citizens to hold. And there’s a reason why. Because if private citizens could own guns, they could fight back much more effectively when the government comes by to confiscate property and rights and people.

Now Revolution also makes it clear that this regime was started with altruistic reasons. One man was tired of seeing lawless, self-focused people hurting others in the resulting chaos of the blackout. So he initiated law after law after law after law after law to ensure order, until he had implemented so many rules and regulations that there was no way to enforce them except with tyranny.

By that point, former U.S. citizens had given up so many of their rights that they didn’t have much left to fight back with. And so tyranny reigned.

That’s what giving up gun rights can do.

Seems melodramatic and silly? Using Hollywood fiction to make real life arguments?

But our dumbed down society seems to respond more positively to entertainment than logic and reason today, so why not?

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