Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Criminals Are Getting Younger and Younger. Guess Why.

On Sunday, a 22 year-old Oregon woman was the victim of an attempted carjacking and robbery. The two perpetrators pulled a gun on her outside of a church parking lot and told her they “were going to blow” her brains out, as she recalls.

They were aged seven and 11.

In Pennsylvania, there’s a recently bereaved father and daughter thanks to a 13 year-old and two 14 year-olds shot who shot and murdered another 22 year-old when she refused to give them cigarettes.

And in Wisconsin, three more kids barely able to qualify as teenagers are being held on armed robbery charges after they wielded a knife in order to steal condoms and candy from a Walgreens.

Consider first that these stories are hardly isolated. Examples of children attacking, terrorizing and killing other children and/or adults are most certainly on the rise these days.

Now think about how such reprobate youth seem more than happy to use whatever tools they can get their hands on – from planks (as happened in my own Baltimore, Maryland last year) to knives to their own two fists – thereby making the arguments about “gun control” somewhat meaningless.

Finally, ask yourself why nobody prominent in American politics is talking about education reform?

Anybody can see that these kids are getting some serious misinformation somewhere. Considering today’s trends, logic dictates that these lies are coming from some combination of their home lives, their schooling or the media. Or maybe (almost unquestionably), from all three.

Regardless, it’s fairly obvious that 1) they’re being told somewhere that they deserve whatever they want, that nobody else matters and their own desires for instant gratification are perfectly justifiable; and 2) they’re stupid enough to believe what they’re being told.

So again, I have to ask: When are we going to start doing more than damage control?

Sadly, the answer seems just as obvious: At this rate, apparently never.

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