Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Arguments for Guns from the Tea Party and I

On Facebook the other day, I saw a Tea Party post broken up into four frames. The first shows a picture of the Obama family with just two words above it: This family.

Let your eyes wander to the next frame and you’ll see a fully armed security detail standing next to a podium marked with the Presidential Seal. The caption for that: Gets this 24/7.

Then there’s a picture of a gun, perhaps a Glock. It reads: But they feel you don’t need this.

And the final frame shows a non-presidential family and the words: To protect Yours.

Put all together, it reads: The Obamas get the protection of guns – including semi-automatic rifles – to protect themselves and their children. But they feel you don’t need any such thing for any such reason.

The Tea Party makes a good argument. Why should they get security while denying it en masse to their constituents? In fact, I’d say that’s a great argument. And here’s another one to make you think:

Liberals argue that people should be free to do whatever they want.

·         They should be encouraged to sleep with whomever they want to, despite the potential psychologically scars and physical ramifications of pregnancy and even life-threatening STDs.
·         They should be allowed to spend money as they choose, letting the government or “the rich” pick up the bill, even though such poor senses of responsibility lead to the eschewing of other important obligations … such as child care. Children are routinely abused and even killed thanks to parental neglect in this country. Maybe if people actually thought they were accountable to something other than their own instant gratification, the disturbing number of mistreated minors would dramatically decrease.
·         They should be allowed to pass the blame for non-financial mistakes if they were “born this way.” Oh, I just shot up an elementary school? Well, that was because I’m mentally ill. Oh, I got pulled over for speeding and then arrested for having drugs in my car? You can’t do that! I’m a disenfranchised African-American. Oh, I didn’t get that promotion? It’s because I’m female and they’re sexist and so I’m going to sue for discrimination! Oh, I didn’t attend classes after the first day and I barely turned in any of the homework? You should give me a W for withdrawal instead of an F for failure because I’m struggling with personal issues. And all that even though it just enables further acts of dangerous immaturity.

But when it comes to guns, that cry for freedom goes out the door? Why is that?

The kind of behavior above has resulted in lost lives: People who died of AIDs, who died due to abortions (both mothers and children), who died due to neglect from parents used to being taken care of instead of taking care of someone else, and who died because society routinely excuses depravity.

In fact, added up – or even taken separately – they undoubtedly rival if not easily beat the number of murders caused by guns in America. So clearly, there's something else going on with this debate.

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