Thursday, December 6, 2012

What’s So Scary About Christianity?

I genuinely don’t understand what’s so scary about Christianity. And I’m not talking about the two-faced, religious snots who walk around with their noses in the air thinking that they have a better handle on Christ-like behavior than Christ himself does.

The Westboro Baptists? The pastor’s wife who repeatedly told my younger sister that she dressed like a slut? The woman at my parent’s recent church who kicked them off the worship team without a shred of human decency and with no reasonable explanation?

Those people might like to call themselves Christians, but they don’t represent real Christianity. They represent the ignorance, selfishness and general depravity of human nature in the same way that Bill Clinton and his ruthless sexscapades, the liberal operatives who callously manipulated mentally disabled people into voting for Obama, and the animal in Egypt who shot a sixteen-year-old girl when she merely retaliated against sexual harassment.

Human nature is corrupt, and unfortunately Christians aren’t any less susceptible to that corruption than anybody else. We should be, but too often, we’re not. And when we act just like everybody else, we admittedly become hypocrites.

So Christians? Sure. Sometimes I can understand why people have a bad opinion of us (though usually I just have to wonder how they can point fingers when they behave just as bad or worse).

But even then, I still don’t understand what they have against Christianity.

What makes Jesus and his teachings so disturbing that we have to order little school children to edit God out of their poems, as happened at North Carolina’s West Marian Elementary School?

Why do we feel the need to threaten a lawsuit against an annual Christmas fundraiser in Hawaii? Mitch Kale, founder of the Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church, says he did it due to “an entanglement between a public school and a Christian church,” completely ignoring the tens of thousands of dollars the event brings in for impoverished Africans since the New Hope Church handles ticket sales and sells those tickets at its service.

How do we rationally justify forbidding a bunch of school children in Arkansas from seeing “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown,” which includes a reading of Jesus’s birth?

Maybe it’s that Christianity encourages responsibility, a word that this world is increasingly despising these days. In America, for example, we want “the rich” to pay for “the poor’s” mistakes… to have all the sex we want without any consequences: physical, financial or ethical… and our iPhones, movie tickets and bling in hand without having to work for them.

Maybe society can’t stand Christianity so much because it knows it doesn’t want to be reminded that it’s going to hell in a hand basket… It just wants to enjoy the ride for what it’s worth, which at this point isn’t all that much.

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