Monday, January 28, 2013

Government Exempts Itself From Proposed Gun Control Law

Back in 2011, the informed American public learned that its government was enjoying far more than taxpayer-funded salaries. Senators and representatives and other such leaders were also making money hand-over-fist through insider trading deals.

Worse yet, it came out that, while normal U.S. citizens were (and still are) prohibited from buying and selling stock based on “insider” information without proper government-approved documentation, the highest echelons of our supposedly civil servants faced no such restrictions at all.

Because public sector hands reach into so many private sector pockets, constantly creating new rules and regulations, they have access to the same exact insider information that CEOs and CFOs do. And government officials shamelessly exploited those connections to make themselves a mint.

After that story broke and people freaked out, Congress passed a new law that set the same rules for themselves as everybody else. Or so they said.

For some reason, I don’t really trust them. I’m paranoid like that, I guess.

But it’s difficult to not believe the government is out to get you when it acts like it’s out to get you. Or, as in this case, that it’s only looking out for itself. How else can you explain the new gun control legislation that would ban assault weapons from everybody but law enforcement and government officials.

Obviously, there’s a case to be made about the former group. But why should our elected leaders have the right to carry whatever gun they want when the rest of us are prohibited?

Clearly, it thinks it’s above us.

We’re plebeians, nobodies, chattel to be manipulated and dictated at will. We’re not responsible enough to own guns or handle insider information or manage the ins and outs of economic life.

But government is. According to government personnel. The people who spend money as if it grows on trees for projects as pointless as a $1,000 pair of shoes.

Nobody actually needs a $1,000 pair of shoes. They just want them. And the same applies for half of the spending projects the government funds.

Yet what government wants, government gets.

And right now, government isn’t content to just take our money. It wants our rights too.

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