Friday, January 11, 2013

How Little the White House Thinks of Us

Yesterday, we had some very sad commentary coming out of the White House, specifically from Press Secretary – and all-around pansy stooge  Jay Carney who was busy parroting lines from President Obama.

Admittedly, Carney regularly says bewilderingly stupid things to cover for his arrogant, irrational boss. So it’s sadly no surprise what came out of his mouth this time around. Pretending to have a grown-up discussion about America’s debt problem, he had the audacity to say that:

“… deficit reduction is not a goal – a worthy goal unto itself. This is all about making our economy stronger, making it more productive and allowing it to create even more jobs. That is the most important thing when it comes to economic policy as far as the President is concerned.”

First off, that’s a lie. Second of all, it’s a really stupid lie. And thirdly, it’s a really insulting, stupid lie.

Every. Single. Bit of it.

I wish that somebody had challenged him to give a logical reason as to why “deficit reduction is not a worthy goal unto itself.” Just one. I’m not even asking for the standard, intellectual three supporting arguments. Just one single rationale for that notion will do.

But of course there aren’t any.

There isn’t anything good about spending this much more than our means. There isn’t anything mature about borrowing money (i.e. from China) to squander it on unnecessary agendas (i.e. giving money to China, supporting insupportable business ventures, paying off cronies, commissioning idiotic studies, etc, etc., etc. ad nauseam). There’s absolutely nothing noble about forcing others (i.e. taxpayers) to support your bad habits, demanding that they pay for your over-privileged lifestyle and lavish wishes.

And speaking of taxpayers, how is taking more money from businesses ever going to foster economic growth?

Exceptionally easy answer: It’s not.

If President Obama had a single shred of compassion or Jay Carney a single bit of decency, they’d at least stop trying to tell us otherwise. The fact that they keep promoting the same really insulting, stupid lies…?

Well, it says it all.

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