Friday, January 25, 2013

Man Could Get Charged for Saving Boy From Pit Bull (and Two Other Stories of Incredible Ignorance)

Three stories. Three cases of incredible ignorance.

Let’s start with Gawker’s senior writer, Travis Okulski, and his tweet yesterday. “I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this cold weather is far worse than the Holocaust,” he wrote.

Like I said. Incredible ignorance. Because being really cold is on par with the purposeful extermination of millions of people, many of them children.

That makes about as much sense as the Huffington Post self-righteously comparing Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein to Austin Powers’ villain Dr. Evil on one occasion and labeling him a “Vampire Squid” on another... then announcing a partnership with him and his company.

All in the space of a month.

Yet that’s exactly what it did yesterday. That’s story number two.

Story number three? That’s by far the worst.

Sunday, down in D.C., a man saw an 11-year-old boy being attacked by three pit bulls. So he grabbed his gun, shot and killed the one dog, attracting a police officer with his gunfire as well.

Incidentally, the other two animals didn’t stop after their companion died. They kept right on attacking until the cop shot them both in turn.

Now the boy was shot in the foot during the incident. But it could have been a heck of a lot worse considering that the child “suffered severe lacerations” from the attack, according to The Washington Post. Clearly, the dogs were out to kill.

Yet now the neighbor “could face a host of charges depending on the specifics of the case.” This includes taking “into consideration… whether the man was within his property line when he fired the weapon – a small but significant distinction.”

So let’s recap:

There are people out there who consider it acceptable to compare being cold to the Holocaust.

The Huffington Post is all about criticizing big business but will happily take money from such evil corporations if they can.

And if you see an 11-year-old boy being mauled by pit bulls, don’t intervene. Especially if you have a gun. You might “face a host of charges.”

Better to just let the kid die. I mean, it was probably cold outside anyway.

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