Thursday, January 17, 2013

President Obama Is a Narcissist

President Obama is a narcissist.

I’d say that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, but that wouldn’t be quite right.

Number One: Saying he has a disorder sounds like an excuse when there is nothing excusable about Obama’s behavior. And Number Two: He doesn’t suffer from anything. He thoroughly enjoys making it all about him.

The attention. The glory. The power. The potential for more.

He basks in it all. Because that’s what narcissistic people do. It’s only a wonder that, like the Greek myth that inspired the term in the first place, he isn’t spending every waking moment staring at his reflection and contemplating what he sees as the amazingness of himself.

But I guess he really doesn’t have to, does he? Not when he can so easily acquire clueless lackeys to do that kind of thing for him.

Like at his inauguration in just a few days. According to the Associated Press, “President Barack Obama is featuring eight Americans as ‘citizen co-chairs’ of his inauguration, a new role created to highlight his first-term accomplishments with examples of lives that have either been improved by his actions or inspired his presidency.”

Let me stop them right there and highlight a few words, such as:

·         New (as in no other president was this blatantly, shamelessly self-promotional before Obama came along)
·         First-term accomplishments (like he had any other getting people killed, harming the economy, playing golf and undermining the Constitution of the United States of America?)
·         His, His, His (his first-term accomplishments, his actions, his presidency)

The article continues: “Inaugural planners say the honorees include a woman with a brain tumor who no longer is denied health care for a pre-existing condition [even though she and the rest of America will soon have to wait three months to book an appointment to treat a cold]; an autoworker who got her job back after the General Motors bailout [even though General Motors didn’t deserve to be bailed out and so many other companies are collapsing without any shed tears on Obama’s behalf]; and a gay pilot-in-training kicked out of the Air Force before the president repealed the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy [even though he’s bound to lose his job or worse before too long with the way Obama is slashing military support].”

Knowing all of that, let me revise my initial statement. President Obama isn’t just a narcissist. He’s a shamelessly, blatantly lying narcissist. And he thinks we’re all really, really dumb.

These next four years should be fascinating.

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