Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taxes Go Up on the Even the Lower Middle Class

Back on January second, I wrote about the fiscal cliff deal and taxes going up on only some of “the rich,” Hollywood excluded. I also mentioned that I vehemently disagreed with the so-called solution, even though my current place of employment was too cheap to pay me enough for my salary to suffer directly from the new round of regulations.

Then I got my first paycheck of the year on Friday, January 4th, only to find out that apparently I and my income aren’t nearly as lowly as I originally thought. At this point, I have to assume that the greedy, good-for-nothing government will be taking at least an additional $60 out of each month’s wages, since it already stole an extra $30.

On the one hand, that’s a bad thing. I was planning on putting more money towards my student loans this year, along with building up my savings and, I don’t know, paying for stuff like the ever-rising cost of living.

Then again, it’s rather gratifying to see my fellow middle classers’ reactions to the tax hike, particularly those who voted Democrat. As Washington Times correspondent Joseph Curl writes, “With President Obama back in office and his life-saving ‘fiscal cliff’ bill jammed through Congress, the new year has brought a surprising turn of events for his sycophantic supporters.”

Take the poster who took to DemocraticUnderground.com, a liberal website, to complain: “My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don’t feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease is gonna’ hurt me…”

Curl also records the words of user RomneyLies, who aired his grievances about expecting “between $93 and $94 less in my paycheck on the 15th.” And DemocratToTheEnd jumped in with: “My boyfriend has had a lot of expenses and is feeling squeezed right now, and having his paycheck shrink really didn’t help.”

But BlueIndyBlue might have had the best comment, at least of those that Curl reported in his article. That person blames it on the “payroll department [which] didn’t do a good job of explaining the coming changes.”

Unlike BlueIndyBlue, intelligent human beings recognize that it isn’t the payroll department’s fault. It’s the voters’ fault for either supporting Obama in his re-election bid or just not voting for Romney. The people who allowed the President to retain office – for whatever reason, be it extreme ignorance, racism, dislike for the other guy, etc. – deserve to have their taxes go up.

They literally asked for this, though admittedly they asked for it to happen to “the rich,” not to them. But they’re still to blame for ignoring the car salesman sleaze that Obama regularly oozes.

He lies. He cheats. He steals. After four years of his bad behavior, this is not surprising.

It’s just a shame that the rest of the country has to suffer for their mistakes along with them. Otherwise, this might be worth a real laugh or two.

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