Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ashley Judd Compares Potential Senate Battle Against Republican Mitch McConnell to Rape

You might think that somebody who survived something as monstrous as rape would know not to make light of the crime by comparing it to something 1,000,000 times less horrific.

And most of the time, I’m sure that’d be a safe assumption. Unless that person is from Hollywood.
Like Ashley Judd.
Now I like Ashley Judd as an actress. She used to be on my Top 10 Most Beautiful Women List. And I will forever adore her romantic comedy, Someone Like You.
Hugh Jackman. Enough said.
But if the rumors are true, then she, like so many other people in Hollywood, is inexcusably crass. While considering a Senate run she was asked whether she could successfully take on Senator Mitch McConnell, who would be her opponent.
Her answer?
“I have been raped twice, so I think I can handle Mitch McConnell.”
Take a minute and really think about that for a moment. Because it’s so ridiculous that it’s difficult to fathom right away.
So difficult in fact that, that even after contemplating it for 15 minutes, a realization is only now beginning to dawn on me. And I think I might have to revise my original accusation…
On second (or third or fourth) thought, I’m honestly not sure if she was making light of rape. Not intentionally, anyway.
Let’s face it: She’s Hollywood, the land of make-believe where people actually believe their own fantasy lands. The whole I’m-not–a-doctor-but-I play-one-on-TV-so-you-should-trust-me kind of deal. Or more recently, Martin Sheen honestly thinking that he had some kind of political power.
And in the Hollywood adaption of life, Republicans are absolute monsters. Women-hating, minority-hating, gay-hating, poor-hating, animal-hating monsters who want nothing more than to get their hands on guns so they can cleanse the land of the destitute, the needy and the oppressed.
So in Ashley Judd’s warped version of reality, comparing looking at a Republican – much less competing against one – is a perfectly reasonable analogy to rape.
That should say something about Hollywood… Like it’s dangerously insane.

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