Friday, March 15, 2013

CPAC Filled With Confidence This Year

I went to a single event at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) last night, down at the enormous, exquisite Gaylord National Harbor Hotel and Resort just outside of D.C.

Sadly, I wasn’t an official member of the Conference, so I wasn’t allowed into anything else, including a meet and greet with Allen West. Maybe for the best.

I was a little star struck even being that close to such a great man, I have to say, though it was also exceedingly disappointing that I couldn’t have gotten closer. I would have loved to actually hear him speak in person.

Yet even without that great honor, I have to say that I’m rather hyped.

Not that I’m any more optimistic about America’s future, because I’m not. I genuinely don’t see how we can successfully survive another four years of Obama. The last four were destructive enough!

But I spoke with a number of people from Rhode Island to California to Michigan who had a very different opinion than me.

They were enthusiastic. They were optimistic. They were even realistic, acknowledging the obstacles ahead of them, the party’s past failures and the possibility of further failures ahead. And still, despite that practicality, they were fully committed to a big picture win.

They honestly believed it was possible. That they had good chances!

It was inspiring and contagious enough for even this pronounced pessimist to smile more than once.

Today, I’m still feeling the effects. And while I still don’t see much reason to hope for the best, I have to admit that I’ve been wrong before.

So here’s hoping I’m wrong again… and that the confident CPAC-goers last night are very, very right. In every sense of the word!

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