Monday, March 18, 2013

My Thoughts on Global Warming This Morning

After reading today’s weather forecast last night and checking out the window this morning, I was not in the best of moods.

Snow and sleet and freezing rain? In the second half of March? Weren’t we supposed to get all of this over with in February?

But apparently not, I complained to myself. Apparently, global warming is coming late this year.

I briefly contemplated putting something like that up as a Facebook status today, which of course made me wonder how many nasty retorts I’d get, which led me to start thinking about polls taken last year that show the growing numbers of Americans who don’t believe in global warming.

Americans. Not English. Not French. Not Germans. Americans.

I pondered that briefly and then came to this conclusion: The reason why Americans are catching on more quickly than the rest of the world is because America isn’t quite so used to government-funded thinking.

With their ever increasing socialist leanings, England, France, Germany and the rest of Europe have relied on government for everything for decades going into or over a century now. (For other countries, it’s been even longer.)

Citizens there are used to the government babysitting them from the delivery room – with its government-funded staff and equipment – to the classroom’s government-funded education to their government-funded retirement. That kind of nanny-stating practically insures stunted mental and emotional growth.

When people don’t exercise their physical muscles, those muscles stop working as well. The same goes for brains and morals. This is just common sense.

Americans, however, have a rich history of fending for ourselves. It’s a way of life that requires free thinking. So we’ve had to actually use our brains now and again.  And while we’ve certainly caved in certain areas and continue to fall to socialist thinking, we’re still more used to independence than the rest of the world.

So it stands to reason that we wouldn’t be quite so quick to accept the idea of a heating planet when the evidence keeps mounting up like snow banks in front of us.

The government might claim that we’re destroying the earth, but Americans still have the ability to use our eyes and ears and brains. At this point, it’s more a matter of whether we want to use them or not.

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