Friday, April 12, 2013

Glee Attacks the Symptoms Instead of the Sources in School Shooting Episode

I’ll admit that I used to watch Glee. I’ll even admit that I rather enjoyed it, ridiculous as it was.

The actors and actresses involved have some pretty amazing voices, and I’m a sucker for dance choreography. (One of my silly little fantasies is to one day be on Dancing with the Stars. How will I manage that since I’m not a star? Don’t ask. I told you it was silly.)

But then Glee started going way, way too far.

Now, even though I grew up in a conservative Christian household where I didn’t listen to non-oldies secular music until I was 14, today  I am well-versed in the continuous trash-talking the media makes about everything I am: conservative, Christian, Republican, white and female.

I watch TV and go to the movies and read books and follow the news and study politics. So I’m usually perfectly prepared to shrug off random references to conservatives being freaks, Christians being labeled as close-minded, Republicans being racists, sexist, homophobic bigots, whites being uncool and females being slutted-up sex toys.

It’s so prominent these days that I think I’d have to become a hermit to completely avoid it. Even last night among friends who know which way I lean, I got to hear a few insensitive remarks.

The point of me sharing all of that is to say that I’m not the most sensitive soul. I don’t break down or throw a hissy fit every time somebody tries to tramp on my feelings.

But I do have a line. I’ve put down a book or two because of blatant bias. And I stopped watching Glee after it arrogantly, contemptuously and ignorantly mocked the concept of waiting for marriage throughout an entire episode devoted specifically to doing just that.

Last night, Glee once again chose to offend and misinform, this time about gun control.

I didn’t watch it, but ABC reports that the comedy dramatized a school shooting, in which the culprit turns out to be a mentally handicapped girl who took one of her dad’s guns for protection. Clearly Glee was selling the pro-gun control position, showing how unfit individuals can too easily get their hands on even legally purchased firearms. And knowing Glee’s reputation for presenting only one severely skewed side of the story, I’m going to bet it didn’t say anything nice about the other side.

Yet here’s my question: when is Glee going to tackle a tough topic like oversexed kids raping their peers? Because that happens a lot more often and ruins a lot more lives than school shootings.

Like the Ohio high school football players who were just convicted of raping a fellow partier… the 17-year-old girl up in Canada who just killed herself after two years of struggling with the aftermath of something disturbingly similar… and the 15-year-old who killed herself last year after the same exact thing: she passed out drunk at a party, was sexually assaulted and then humiliated further by the perpetrators when they posted pictures of their crime online.

When is Glee going to run an episode about that?

Probably never. Because Glee doesn’t really care to change anyone’s lives. It just wants to make itself feel good by being edgy.

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