Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombings: Maybe It’s Time to Stop Playing Nice

I was going to play nice today in the aftermath of what happened at the Boston Marathon.

I was going to write about the tragedy where three people died and some hundred-plus others had their lives ripped apart. And all I was going to say about it was that it was horrible and senseless and that my heart was breaking for the families of those who were ruthlessly murdered.

I was going to be polite and respectful and keep politics out of today’s post. But then I started to think about it, and a single, simple, sad question came to my mind.

What’s the point?

What’s the point of playing nice when this is all we get out of it? Chaos and hatred and disgusting displays of just how depraved humans can get.

Playing nice only seems to allow our enemies to play more meanly.

Right now, our enemies are telling law-abiding citizens to play nice in the gun debate to “save the children.” Yet they’re simultaneously playing PC games with Muslim terrorists, who may or may not have been involved in yesterday’s Boston bombing. President Obama refused to call the bombings a terrorist act and cautioned his constituents not to jump to conclusions (though some White House spokesman later called it an act of terror), doubtlessly because there’s a decent chance a Muslim group is behind the bombs. But how fast do you think he’ll throw around labels and insinuations if it turns out some government-hating militia did it?

(Hey, he’s done it before even when there was just the thought of it being the Tea Party.)

Right now, our enemies are handing out condoms in schools and encouraging kids to explore their sexuality, labeling anybody who preaches abstinence as a prude and a religious halfwit. Yet they tell us to be surprised when our children have so little respect for each other that it becomes commonplace for 16-year-old boys to rape passed-out drunk 15-year-old girls and all their peers to laugh about it.

Right now, our enemies are doing everything wrong and calling it right and then shifting the blame whenever it literally and figuratively blows up in our faces. And since it blows up in our faces a lot, it seems safe to conclude that playing nice is only doing everyone a giant disservice.

So I’m not going to play nice today. I’m going to throw out a political point…

Regardless of whether the perpetrator turns out to be Muslim or some sick little American brat who was never taught to respect others, we should spend a lot less time trying or pretending or exhorting to play nice and a lot more time promoting the truth.

If we had only concerned ourselves with being honest instead of being “nice” before this point, the 2013 Boston Marathon probably could have ended in something other than tragedy.

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