Monday, May 20, 2013

All of These Obama Scandals Are Making My Head Hurt

Details keep streaming in about the various scandals the Obama administration is caught up in: Benghazi, the Department of Justice’s wiretapping of the Associated Press, the IRS targeting conservative organizations.

I’m not going to lie (unlike Obama): Sorting through all of the muck is getting exhausting. One scandal at a time, I can handle just fine. But three? And of such enormity?

It’s too much! I genuinely don’t know how to study all of them properly, much less comment on them. It’s like every time I think “Ah ha! There’s my story,” something else comes up that leaves me shaking my head, bewildered and blog-less.

And I’m not a stupid person by any means.

I have an notably high IQ (yes, I’ve been tested and more than just my mommy says I’m special), I stay abreast of the news, I read a heck of a lot on a wide range of topics, and I regularly exercise my brain by considering multiple angles.

I pride myself on my ability to follow complex psychological, political, historical and literary threads, through knots and all. I’m the kind of woman who enjoys a puzzle: give me a bunch of pieces and I will make it my goal to fit them all together into something that makes sense.

So considering how difficult it is for me to keep track of all of the drama, I can only imagine how hard it is to actually devise all of these plots and schemes. Anybody who says that President Obama is an idiot is dead wrong: there’s no way to juggle this much machination without some serious smarts.
A lesser cretin would have cried “Uncle” a long time ago.

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