Thursday, May 16, 2013

Black DJs Get Really Ignorant on Baltimore Radio Station

Driving to work this morning, I couldn’t find anything interesting on my normal Baltimore radio stations, so I began flipping through the others mindlessly. That led me to stumble upon the following exchange from two black DJs:

Black DJ1: They hate him that much. They don’t care about unemployment, or making sure that our children are educated or taking care of the homeless. They just want to impeach him.

Black DJ2: [Probably shaking his head judging by the somber disgust in his voice] White people.

Black DJ1: Yeah, white people.

Black DJ2: [Laughing] Good thing we’re going to run the world someday.

As displayed by these two DJs, the level of ignorance common in this country is appalling.

First off, President Obama is caught up in three really big scandals right now: Snooping on AP communications, using the IRS to target and intimidate conservative organizations during the 2012 elections, and of course, the Benghazi botch-up.

So it seems those DJs shouldn’t be asking about unemployment, which, incidentally, is bad and has been bad ever since this President took office over four years ago… about education, which, just fyi, is appallingly lacking under the current administration considering what ill-behaved little monsters our children are becoming… or about the homeless, which, for the record, is also less-than-peachy thanks to the policies Obama is so intent on enacting.

It seems those DJs should be asking instead why anybody would like Obama when he’s been responsible for so much needless death, suffering, annoyance and repression.

Personally, I don’t understand why they can’t see how ignorant (or racist, or hypocritical) they are. But that’s probably because I’ve been taught to use my brain.

They’ve been taught to use the liberal propaganda machine. And nothing else.

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