Friday, May 3, 2013

Does Freedom of Speech Really Exist in the U.S. Anymore… Or Is It Just for the Privileged?

It seems almost pointlessly obvious to state that American children are idiots these days.

Blame it on a severe lack of respectable role models, on parental neglect or on the education system, all of which certainly factor in. But the final result is that our children are growing dumber and dumber and dumber, as evidenced by news story (about flash mobs) after news story (about crime statistics) after news story (about Katy Perry’s popularity ratings).

So it’s no real surprise that some idiot high school student in Massachusetts thoughtit a good idea to make threats through text messages and social media, referencing the White House, President Obama and the Boston Marathon bombings, and declaring “everybody you will see what I am going to do: kill people.”

Hardly the most eloquent any more than he is intelligent.

Well, one of his peers went to the school administrators, who went to the police, who arrested the young man. And now the little idiot could do 20 years in prison for making terrorist threats.

20 years. For just saying something.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I don’t feel bad for him even if he does get the full-term stint in the pokey. As I stated before, he’s an idiot. And regardless of what influences prompted him to claim such little regard for life, he’s still an individual with free choice.

He chose to make some really immature choices. Now he has to live with the consequences.

My main concern is that he didn’t actually do anything. He only repeated the violent language of how many trashed-out music industry icons and icon-wannabes?

·         Foster the People had the smash hit, Pumped Up Kicks, last year, a happy little ditty about a planned school shooting written from the shooter’s perspective. The chorus goes: “All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks, you’d better run… outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks, you’d better run… faster than my bullet.”
·         Back in my high school days, Ludacris had a popular rap about the power he wielded with his guns and his money, allowing him to “roll out” with his “homies” and his “twin Glock 40s cocked back” in probable pursuit of a drive-by or armed assault.
·         Two years ago, pampered playboy Kanye West released “Monster,” complete with a fairly graphic, misogynistic music video and the lyrics: “Murder, murder in black convertibles. I kill a block; I murder the avenues. Rape and pillage your village, women and children.”

And that’s just a small handful of threats that hit the airwaves and our children’s playlists.

So why don’t we prosecute those privileged idiots and throw them into prison for 20 years?

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