Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Liberal Comedian Lizz Winstead Tweets Jokes About Oklahoma Tornado

When is a natural disaster – like the Oklahoma tornado that killed 91 people, injured hundreds more and caused who-knows-how-much in damage – a laughing matter?

When it targets conservatives or conservative-leaning locations or conservative-stereotyped areas. If you ask a liberal, I mean.

Liberal comedian Lizz Winstead, a co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show, took to Twitter yesterday to joke around about the ongoing IRS scandal (in which the agency deliberately targeted conservative organization during the 2012 elections) and the tornado.

She tweeted: “This tornado is in Oklahoma, so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives” and also “How long has Obama known about this Tornado?”

Now in her defense, that’s hardly the most vitriolic statement to come out of a liberal’s mouth. Nor did she know just how bad the damage was at that point. She has since apologized profusely and, I really believe, sincerely.

I’ll accept that apology without question, but I still have to point out the bewldering lack of thought behind the original tweets.

When I hear about a tornado sweeping through – say – a liberal state, my first inclination isn’t to joke about it. I usually wonder how much damage was done and sympathize with anybody who lost anything. At that moment, forget politics; they don’t mean much if anything at all.

Not so for the liberal, however. They seem to wonder first what they can get out of such negative events…

Like President Obama using the Tuscon, Arizona shooting to hold a personal, political rally…

Or Barney Frank using the Boston Marathon bombings aftermath to pitch big government…

Or Lizz Winstead using the Oklahoma tornado to “point out hypocrisy” in the IRS’ abuse of power towards conservatives (exactly what that hypocrisy is, I have no idea)…

In the case of President Obama and of Barney Frank, they didn’t stop to consider people’s feelings first because they’re cold-hearted politicians with sociopathic tendencies. In Winstead’s case, however, I genuinely believe that she’s simply not used to thinking before she speaks.

I mean no disrespect or even censure to her by saying that, but her guffaw is merely one in a long list of such thoughtlessness.

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