Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Thoughts on the Whistleblowers’ Round of the Benghazi Hearings

Yesterday, after reading all of the news about the Benghazi hearings – this time involving at least three government insider whistleblowers – I was all completely prepare to write a scathing indictment of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, the mainstream media and the rest of the back-stabbing, self-serving, lying-through-their-teeth, don’t-care-who-gets-raped-and-murdered-in-the-process Obama administration.

And then I woke up this morning and I had to question what the point was of going into the details.

I mean, it’s not like we didn’t already know that the terrorist attack had nothing to with a stupid YouTube video insulting the Prophet Mohammed. Nobody even knew that movie existed until Obama and his cronies threw it out to the world as the lamest scape goat ever.

Then there’s the fact that we couldn’t send anybody to help our besieged guys over a nine-hour period, even though we had resources close enough to be useful. Or how about the question of why a U.S. embassy was that poorly protected in the first place, giving Benghazi’s Muslim extremists the opportunity to kill one of our ambassadors and three other military-connected citizens.

Seriously. What the heck? To all of it.

We knew they were lying then. We know that they’re lying now. And we know that they’re probably going to get away with it again.

With that said, kudos to the brave people who came forward to testify. I wish them the best.

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