Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Headlines Say It All

Here are some headlines and intros to consider…

“At a Tea Party protest outside an IRS building in St. Louis yesterday there were no regular police – only armed Homeland Security guards. Video footage from the demonstration at which protesters… chanted ‘no more harassment’ shows numerous DHS Federal Protective Service vehicles along with several armed DHS guards. There is not a regular police offer in sight… Homeland Security agents also kept a watchful eye on a Tea Party rally in Florida.”

Fox News’ Bret Baier reports that Department of Justice documents show that [Fox News journalist] James Rosen’s parents’ home phone records were seized in an investigation into Rosen’s reporting activity.”

“The list of keynote commencement speakers at Ivy League institutions for 2013 does not include a single conservative, a recent study authored by the conservative Young America’s Foundation (YAF) found. Instead seven of the elite schools opted to invite ideaological liberal speakers such as media billionaire Oprah Winfrey, Vice President Joe Biden (D), Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D), Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), among others. Only Brown University, which chooses a commencement keynote from among its students, did not have a 2013 speaker who is generally associated with the left.”

I’d say something about there being a political and ideological war on conservatives… but that would probably just sound redundant.

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