Friday, May 17, 2013

What’s Really up With Obama, the Marine and the Umbrella

When I first saw the headlines about President Obama making a Marine hold an umbrella for him against the rain, my first thought was, “So what?”

I mean, with all of the scandals in the spotlight right now – Benghazi, the AP wiretapping and the IRS targeting conservative organizations – why we were making a big deal out of an umbrella was beyond me. For that matter, why it was newsworthy at all escaped me.

So thank you to The Daily Caller for clearing this issue up. Sure, it’s still not the biggest issue out there when our national security and First Amendment rights are being grossly violated and our Commander-in-Chief is abusing his power to further his own personal machinations…

But it’s still an interesting side note to file away: just one more piece of evidence to show how little Obama understands or cares about his position or the military.

The Daily Caller explains…

“The commander in chief of the American armed forces… forced a violation of Marine Corps regulations, so he wouldn’t get wet.

“According to Marine Corps regulation MCO P1020.34F of the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations chapter 3, a male Marine is not allowed to carry an umbrella while in uniform. There is no provision in the Marine Corps uniform regulation guidelines that allows a male Marine to carry an umbrella.

“Nevertheless, during a press conference under a light drizzle with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan… President Obama allowed the First Head to be protected from the elements by an umbrella held by a male Marine corporal.

“The relevant portion of the regulation reads, ‘3035. UMBRELLAS (Female Marines). Female Marines may carry an all-black, plain standard or collapsible umbrella at their option during inclement weather with the service and dress uniforms. It will be carried in the left hand so that the hand salute can be properly rendered. Umbrellas may not be used/carried in formation nor will they be carried with the utility uniform…’

“Not even the President of the United States can request a Marine to carry an umbrella without the express consent of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, according the Marine Corps Manual.”

Who knows. Maybe President Obama didn’t know.

But assuredly, he wouldn’t have cared even if he did.

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