Monday, June 24, 2013

IRS Sends Astronomical Amounts in Tax Refunds to Illegal Immigrants

While the Senate gets ready to not read the immigration bill before voting on it, let’s discuss the harmful effects illegal immigration has on this country.

Since 1996, it would seem that the IRS is in the business of sending out Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, many of which go to people living inside the U.S. who are “not authorized to work in the United States.”

In other words, illegal immigrants.

According to a report published by the Treasury Inspector General’s Semiannual Report to Congress in 1999, “The IRS issues Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) to undocumented aliens to improve nonresident aliens compliance with tax laws. This IRS practice seems counter-productive to the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s (INS) mission to identify undocumented aliens and prevent unlawful alien entry.”

Apparently, it’s also not a good idea for budgetary purposes, and not just because of the additional personnel and resources required to pull off such a stupid stunt.

Thanks to these ITINs, thousands of illegal immigrants are getting ridiculously exorbitant amounts of money from the U.S. government, such as the:

·         23,994 tax refunds totaling $46,378,040 sent to the same address in Atlanta, GA in 2011
·         11,284 refunds totaling $2,164,976 sent to another address in the same city the same year
·         3,608 refund checks worth $2,691,448 sent to yet another Atlanta, GA location in 2011
·         2,386 tax refunds worth $1,232,943 to a fourth such spot, same bat time, same bat channel

And that’s just Atlanta, Georgia in 2011! Similar stories are recorded in Oxnard, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; Phoenix, Arizona; and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida… among others.

This is money that could be being used to… I don’t know… make the country stronger? Or here’s an even crazier thought: how about that money remain with its rightful owners… taxpaying U.S. citizens!

Come to think of it, maybe this isn’t so much a story about the harmful effects of illegal immigration. Maybe it’s about how utterly backwards our government is, from the Senate straight on down to the IRS.

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