Monday, June 3, 2013

The IRS Gets $50 Million in Cushy Conferences; Our Marines Have Hot Meals Revoked

Between 2010 and 2012, when it wasn’t targeting conservative groups and actively, purposely trying to make their lives miserable, the IRS was apparently busy holding conferences for its employees.

An inspector general’s report indicates that there were at least 220 such seminars during those three years that cost taxpayers around $50 million.

Again, that’s $50 million set aside specifically for IRS conferences alone. Not salaries, not expenses, not bonuses. Just conferences. For the blood-sucking vampires at the Internal Revenue Service.

Knowing that, it shouldn’t seem all that surprising that we didn’t budget well enough to properly take care of our Marines in Afghanistan this year.

At Camp Leatherneck, located in the southwestern part of the country near Iran and Pakistan – a trifecta of hostility – Marines working midnight to noon or noon to midnight shifts used to be able to count on a hot breakfast or late dinner. But that’s being cut and they’ll only be given prepackaged meals during that period from now on.

The official excuse seems to be that there aren’t enough Marines left there to justify the expense, since bases are being closed and soldiers are being brought back home at a fast pace these days. Yet doesn’t that mean the remaining military men and women are working harder to fill in the inevitable resulting gaps?

If we’re that hard up as a country that we can’t properly take care of our freedom-fighting soldiers, then why in the world are we pampering our evil agents of taxation and misrepresentation?

Never mind. Don’t answer that.

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