Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transgender: The Right to Believe Nonsense and Make Everybody Else Agree

I’m sure by now I’ve fully established that I’m not the most politically correct person, at least not in my online life. In person, believe it or not, I’m actually usually quite respectful and reserved, at least when it comes to the topics of politics and religion.

Which is probably why I get a little passionate here on Words From the Right. It’s my outlet.

But even on here, I tend to shy away from a few choice topics that, to be perfectly honest, make me uneasy discussing. Not because I haven’t carefully researched and thought over the subject material (of homosexuality) but because I don’t want to lose friendships should certain people ever discover this little blog of mine.

Possibly, I’m being a coward in that decision. I’ve contemplated that many times before, and I still can’t rule it out.

But that’s homosexuality. I have no qualms discussing the so-called “transgender” movement.

We can argue ‘til we’re blue in the face whether homosexuality is the result of biological or societal influences (and no, it’s really not determined, like it or not), or whether gay marriage is a human right or a bastardization of the term “marriage.” Everybody has their own way of looking at the issue with varying opinions and research done (or not done).

But I feel – No. I know! – that there shouldn’t be any such confusion whatsoever about the term transgender if it really means what I’m beginning to understand it means: that people can just choose whatever gender they want and everybody else has to accept their choice as a reality.

I already can’t stand it when homosexual men say “they’re just one of the girls.” Because they’re not girls! Regardless of whether they’re having sex with males or not, they’re still male!

The same goes for little boys who like little girl things and have insane parents who encourage said little boys to believe they’re therefore little girls. (Confused yet? Just wait…)

Just because you say it doesn’t make it so, people! If you have all boy parts, then – newsflash – you’re a boy. Not a girl!

That newsflash never reached the parents of Coy Matthis, a six-year-old boy pronounced by a psychologist two years ago as being transgendered. According to them, their son should be allowed to use the little girl’s bathroom at school because he believes he’s a she.

Worse yet, when their school – out of consideration for the actual girls in the building – refused, the Matthises got the Colorado Civil Rights Division to agree that yes, the confused boy with the moronic parents gets to use the little girl’s bathroom even though he’s got boy equipment.

It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, yet we’re told that it does, which still doesn’t make it so.

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